Foodmark Business Planning software

Solid Business Planning & Tracking are vital to the success of your brokerage firm.  

With Foodmark Business Planning and Tracking Software, you will always have the pulse of your organization. Foodmark Software focuses your team on planning, executing, results tracking and reworking the plan to deliver maximum results.

Foodmark Business Planning & Tracking software is comprised of three primary tools:

  • Objective Management & Tracking
  • Opportunity Management & Tracking
  • Call Management & Tracking

These tools fully integrate with the relationship management tools and roll-up into meaningful dashboards and pipelines giving each sales person a snap shot of the health and success of his/her plan.

Manufacturer Relationship Managers can easily filter the tools by specific manufacturer and provide manufacturers with a comprehensive report on the activity specific to that manufacturer.

Brokerage firm principals can view all the activity and see how the plans will likely play out to ensure that the firm hits the expected targets.

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